What the Hell is Danny Ainge Waiting For?

The Celtics should be in win-now mode. They have Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford. So with that said, what the hell is Danny Ainge waiting for? The Nets pick will be made by some team with the *hope* that pick turns into a superstar. The should-be-in-win-now mode Boston Celtics can leverage that

Rumors Out Of Chicago Point To The Bulls Landing Jahlil Okafor 

https://twitter.com/csnchicago/status/834576734284611584 Is this GarPax's only move these days? Our trash for your trash? First, it was Snell for MCW (who apparently is the second coming of Christ according to Magic Johnson's Twitter), and now this?But as much as I want to criticize this move, if it involves getting rid of Niko

Boogie & The Brow Are Teaming Up In New Orleans

https://twitter.com/wojverticalnba/status/833537296007823361 https://twitter.com/wojverticalnba/status/833537991922577409 https://twitter.com/wojverticalnba/status/833538974144724992 Just when we thought all-star weekend festivities were over, we got hit with the biggest Woj bomb of all. Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins are teaming up to create the most talented front court since David Robinson and Tim Duncan.  From the outside looking in, there had to be some kind

Kyrie Irving is Too Woke

Kyrie Irving decided to hop on Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson's podcast last week, and oh boy did he drop some hot takes. Amongst other things, he claimed the Earth is flat, the moon landing was faked, dinosaur never existed and that the education system is designed to lie to

It’s A Travesty That Carmelo Is Replacing Kevin Love In the All-Star Game

https://twitter.com/espnsteinline/status/832054586567380992 A rare mistake from Commissioner Silver, naming Melo an All-Star over Bradley Beal or even Goran Dragic. This is purely a résumé nod for Carmelo, who's net rating for the year is an abominable -4.9, even though his traditional splits look nice at 23/6/3.  Beal, alongside John Wall, is leading the

The Serge Ibaka Trade Leaves Both Sides Better Off

https://mobile.twitter.com/WojVerticalNBA/status/831536258824429568 A Woj bomb hit early this morning, and it has some real implications for the Eastern Conference playoff picture. Toronto was struggling mightily as of late, dropping 10 of their last 14, and have slid all the way down to 5th in the East as of today.  While Raptors GM Masai