Chicago Bears 2017 Draft Breakdown

Team Needs: Quarterback – All sources are pointing towards Jay Cutler’s departure from Chicago. He had a powerful tenure with the Bears throwing for 154 TDs, 23,443 yards, and a whopping 109 picks over his 8 seasons. Thank you for your service Jay, you will be missed. Here is a gem

I’ve Only Got One Takeaway From Last Night

What we all went through last night was nothing short of a religious football experience. We basically went to Church for about four hours and Belichick was the priest, Brady was Jesus, and the host we ate was Roger Goodell's dead body. That's basically Super Bowl 51 summed up in one

You’re Crazy If You Think Big Ben is Retiring

Ben Roethlisberger went on local radio this morning and hinted at potentially hanging them up. Folks, I haven't seen a threat to the end of a Big Ben since the Second World War. But the clock is not ticking on this Big Ben. Let me ask those of you at home this question: