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Let Me B-Frank Podcast: May 10th

Is Sidney Crosby capable of identifying what day it is? Is Lavar Ball a secret genius? How much better are the Stanley Cup playoffs than the NBA playoffs? Should Dale Earnhardt Jr. team up with Ty Pennington? What are the best basketball shoes of all time? These questions & more are answered in this week’s pod. Listen, subscribe and review,, folks.

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Let Me B-Frank Podcast: May 3rd

This week we brought on Matt Barbato, of &, to talk about the NFL draft. We also went down the rabbit hole of discussing LeBron’s playoff dominance, and had a high level discussion about whether concussions are, in fact, real and not made up by CNN.

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Let Me B-Frank Podcast: April 19th

This week we talk with’s Joe Boozell about his coverage of the Final Four, the NBA MVP race, and the Bulls playoff hopes. The Hawks impending demise and the Cubs struggles are also discussed. Take a listen on iTunes, rate & review!

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