Let Me B-Frank Podcast: February 22nd

BFrank the prodigal son has returned to Chicago, as we recorded our first in person podcast in months. NBA All-Star Weekend, the Boogie Cousins trade, and the hiring of Magic Johnson are discussed. Top 5 this week is the hardest jobs in sports. 00:00 NBA All-Star Weekend (Kyrie thinks the Earth is

Let Me B-Frank Podcast: February 15th

Brian, John and I discuss Glock Osweiler possibly coming to the Bears, the bumbling Knicks, trade rumors concerning the Bulls and if there's something in Simeon's water. Inspired by Russ & KD, top 5 this week is feuds.   00:00 Brock Osweiler to the Bears? 2:30 Jabari tears his ACL, again 6:15 Bradley Beal finally

Let Me B-Frank Podcast: February 8th

Brian and Pete discuss the greatest comeback in football history, and the NBA drama that continues to unfold. Top 5 this week is Comebacks (Not necessarily sports related). 00:00 Super Bears Super Bowl 13:50 NBA (Cavs vs Wizards, LeBron trade rumors, Bulls nearly blowing 27 point lead) 23:00 Top 5 Comebacks (Brian went