The Bulls must trade Jimmy Butler Before the Draft

Rumors are swirling that the Celtics and Timberwolves are in talks with the Bulls to acquire All-Star and All-Defense 2nd teamer Jimmy Butler. The Bulls cannot win with their current core, plain and simple. They have tried and failed, miserably. Including this year’s debacle of a season, in which they did not even make the fucking playoffs.

They need to make a move or two to move up in the draft and find a franchise point guard like Kris Dunn. A rebuild right now would be perfect for the Bulls with the massive increase in the salary cap on the horizon, plus a free agent and draft class flush with talent.

However, Gar better not stop with just trading Butler, D-Rose must be traded as well. Rose was an unreal story, the Bulls made a miracle jump in the lottery to the #1 pick to bring the Chicago kid home. His first few seasons were nothing short of magical, fans thought he could be the next Michael Jordan, until his fucking glass knees caused injury after injury.

Now, Chicago is left with the shell of a former superstar point guard and need to trade him. There are rumors that the 76ers have interest in Rose (most likely looking to move the 24th or 26th pick for him) and Chicago should absolutely listen even if the aforementioned picks are not in the talks. If the Bulls are not able to move up and get Kris Dunn then this pick would most likely be used for a point guard anyway, depending on who is still on the board.

If I were Gar, the whole roster would be gutted and sold for parts. Even a 2nd round pick, in this class, has the chance to make an impact with mock drafts expecting guys like Ben Bentil, Wade Baldwin, Isaiah Cousins and former projected 1st rounder Caris LaVert to be available.

While I am not a big NBA fan, they have one of the greatest off-seasons in sports because of the constant and substantial activity around the league. These early rumors, before the end of the (horribly noncompetitive) Finals series, is exactly what makes the league so enticing even in the off-season.

If the Bulls were smart, they leverage their situation with Butler being one of the hottest names in the league and cash-in big time. The city deserves a better result than last season and it is abundantly clear that this team cannot do it in their current state.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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