The Roar of the Crowd: An Analysis of the Best Crowd Chants in the WWE

The overall direction of the WWE has been in question for the past few years. With the unwarranted pushes and head scratching decisions fans look for a way to voice their opinion. Twitter has been useless in this regard as we see it as a way of complaining rather than assisting. The only effective way to react to wrestling is through crowd reaction. WWE fans have been coming up with creative chants for years and they have the ability to stop even the greatest smack talker in his tracks. Recently the crowds have stepped up their game while mocking the WWE’s recent “family friendly” ways. By taking a look at some of the best crowd chants it will be very clear why they are so important to the overall performance.


One word. So simple, yet it has changed the way the WWE has run its business. What started off as an arrogant Stone Cold interruption has forced every promo to pause for the crowd to scream it. For those who are not familiar, just imagine an old school telegram being read but instead of the word “Stop” 25,000 people yell “WHAT?” This chant is legendary simply because all age groups can get involved and it pays homage to the great Stone Cold Steve Austin.


“This is Awesome!”

Ah! Music to the ears of the superstars in the match. The whole crowd chanting how awesome you are. This could be due to the sheer type of match such as Money in the Bank or just the utmost respect for two guys giving it their all. This chant is tricky as it is often overused. I have seen plenty of matches where this was chanted when the match was in fact very lame. On the flip-side there has been many matches where I have turned to my fellow wrestling fans and out of sheer reaction exclaimed “This is Awesome” and no chant has occurred. If this chant is used sparingly it is pure gold.

Mocking Chants

Recently I have noticed chants from RAW crowds that just mock the writing and the wrestlers in general. These are absolutely hilarious if pulled off and can really define a wrestler. Recently Chris Jericho has been forced to use “stupid idiot”as his insult of choice. In turn a “stupid idiot” chant swept the crowd in Oklahoma City two weeks ago not allowing Jericho to finish his thoughts. On another occasion at Extreme Rules we saw a massive crowd break out into a “You Can’t Wrestle” chant showing their disgust for Roman Reign’s poor technique. Even when Roman proved the crowd wrong with some solid moves they responded with a “you still suck,” a slight improvement to say the least.


The absolute daddy of them all has to be the Daniel Bryan “Yes!” chant. Accompanied with a double point to heavens, it is the sure way to get the crowd, in any occasion, to go fucking nuts. This chant is so monumental and is visually stunning due to the simplicity of synchronization. It is immune to crowds starting and stopping at the same time as the pointing leads  like an orchestra conductor. It has also made its way into other sporting events as well as college parties. It takes on the thunder of a U-S-A chant with an added level of excitement. If you think I am exaggerating give it a try at your next rager. Crowd psychology will take over if about 5 people chant it with you and the spirit of Daniel Bryan will be pulsing through your soul. If this chant starts to become mainstream to all sports you will see a drastic increase in fan excitement. You want to make baseball fun again Bryce Harper? Here’s your chance.



Nick Anton

The next Paul Heyman if Law School works out.

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