Hawks deal Bickell and Teravainen to Carolina

As the Canadian Dollar continues to fuck over the Chicago Blackhawks, another young piece of the team was forced out. 21 year-old Finnish Forward Teuvo Teravainen was packaged with Bryan Bickell in a deal that landed the Hawks valuable cap space and a pair of draft picks. We all knew a move was coming, the question was how highly did Q and Stan value Andrew Shaw and the answer is evidently clear. Shaw will now get his pay day, at a hometown discount of course, and remain a piece of the Hawks’ core moving forward. I don’t hate the trade, I just really think that this is going to be one Stan wishes he could have back in a few years. Also, this deal really makes me wish we had time travel (get it together science!) so that we could send 2016 Stan Bowman back to warn 2013 Stan Bowman that the Bryan Bickell deal will end up costing him Teuvo AND Saad. While it is tough to lose such a young player like Teuvo, there is some silver lining besides the return of Shaw and that is that Stan knows what he is doing. There may not be a better man on Earth at putting together a team in a cap crunched situation than Bowman. Not only that, but the guy fucking wins. 3 Cups in 6 years is no joke, a consistent playoff team and one that, no matter their seed or opponent, is typically a favorite to win. Bowman’s resume in Chicago is already HOF worthy and he is not even close to being done yet with Kane and Toews about to enter their prime.

Chicago is now down to around $64 million in committed salary for the upcoming season, which moves their cap health from critical to stable. The Hawks also added a 2nd round pick this year which gets them back in the game on Draft Day to make some magic happen. Chicago has invested heavily in their scouting department and it has paid dividends over the last few years (think: Artemi Panarin and Michal Kempny). Obviously in terms of the draft, outside of Auston Mathews, Patrick Laine and a few others there are no sure-fire NHLers, but Chicago has had plenty of success outside of the first round (Saad, Hjalmarsson, Keith and Crawford to name a few). The trade also opens up a bottom 6 spot for some of the younger players to fill in. Guys like Ryan Hartman, Vinnie Hinostroza and Tanner Kero should feel a little more confident that Q and Bowman made a move that really does open up a roster spot and minutes for them to move up. This trade truly hinges upon what kind of player Teuvo can become, it was a deal that needed to happen and now we are left to sit and wait.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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