USGA With Absolute Amateur Move

The USGA pulls an absolutely absurd move by re-reviewing the Dustin Johnson putt at 5. Before I get into what happened and my take on the situation, this is such a Roger Goddell or David Stern move it isn’t even funny. What a fucking joke for golf on one of their biggest weekends of the year. For those who did not see the sequence, Johnson was taking a few practice putts when his ball moved about half an inch. By rule, if his club touched the ball he would be charged a stroke because it caused the ball to move. After talking with a tournament official, it was ruled that he did not make contact with the ball and would not be charged a stroke, or so it seemed. As he got ready to tee off at 12 he was then notified the play was under review and he may be charged a stroke.

This is the US Open, one of the most difficult tournaments in golf, Johnson has a small lead and needs to be incredibly focused to hold this lead as the pressure mounts. Instead of being able to focus on his game and each shot as they happen, he now has to worry about this bullshit and whether or not he will be penalized a shot. If the USGA decides to penalize him then we have to ask what the hell is the reason to have a tournament official with each group if he/she cannot make either the correct decision OR his/her decision is not trusted by the tournament. As I’m writing this Johnson is really falling apart. He is struggling off the tee box and has had to make some incredible recovery shots just to play even par. I had no real cheering interest coming into this tournament but you better believe I am a full on Dustin Johnson fan right now. Hopefully the USGA comes to their sense and realizes how ridiculous and unfair it is to make Dustin continue playing with this on his mind and they sustain their initial call that he did not move the ball.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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