The Derrick Rose Era is Over

It’s over, folks. The former league MVP and Chicago’s favorite son Derrick Rose was traded this afternoon to the Knicks. The full trade, reported by K.C. Johnson on Twitter was Derrick Rose, Justin Holiday and a 2nd round pick to New York for Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant and Jose Calderon. My initial reaction is meh. I really wonder, is this all the Bulls could have gotten? Especially when you read reports that talk about how in the previous weeks there were multiple teams, including Philly, that were interested in Derrick and now he is shipped off for essentially nothing. Jerian Grant is really the only positive piece in this deal coming to Chicago and even he is not much to get excited about. Calderon is old and vastly overpaid, while Lopez is a neanderthal who cannot keep his emotions in check. That 2nd round pick gets the Knicks into this year’s draft and I will go on record right now guaranteeing that they will use that pick, or package it to trade up, to take Isaiah Whitehead.

Now normally I’d be celebrating because, as I wrote a few ago, I wanted the Bulls to move the injury-prone Rose. But after reading the trade details, I just don’t feel like celebrating, it is truly the end of an era. Many people will have their takes on it and most of those will be negative because his time in Chicago was absolutely tarnished by the injuries. But in the end Bulls fans should be thankful. D-Rose brought back Chicago basketball. He completely rejuvenated a fan base that hadn’t seen that kind of explosiveness since the 90s and I don’t think we have ever seen a guy who genuinely loved the city as much as Derrick did.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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