Superstar Highlight: Dean Ambrose

As this blog has progressed from its infancy it was clear that is was missing the occasional fluff piece. In order to fill that void I will be releasing a “Superstar Highlight” every so often, breaking down every aspect of the best and worst the WWE has to offer. After the excitement from Money in the Bank it was apt that I begin with our new champion Dean Ambrose.

Look and Gimmick

Dean Ambrose is currently the WWE’s prized maniac. The Lunatic Fringe sports a simple getup consisting of a wife beater, leather jacket, and jeans along with a mangled hairdo. The look seems to come form the look of the Outsiders or some sort of biker gang which is pretty overused. Instead of acting like his image, Dean embraces his inner psycho by flaunting his inner daredevil by the way he talks and wrestles. Whether he is dropping Chris Jericho on a pile of tacks or talking to his plant-friend Mitch (RIP) on the Ambrose Asylum, we all can expect to be entertained by Ambrose’s unsettling nature.

Grade: B+


Mic Skills

Dean’s mic skills are not nearly as effective as his former partner Seth Rollins, but impressive nonetheless. Along with his wild gimmick, his  talking ability is unpredictable and inspiring. Week after week we see Dean using a stream of consciousness approach to the mic, as if the crowd was not even present. In doing so we are given limited access to the mind of the Lunatic himself.

Grade: B

Wrestling Skills

Arguably the most important aspect of a Superstar is there ability to wrestle. Personally I believe that it is a combination of all three categories. Ambrose is an extremely technical wrestler that manages to portray chaos in a controlled manner. He is a huge fan of diving out of the ring, which seems to be an overused move these days. My favorite move of his involves a rebound from the ropes into a devastating lariat. His key finisher, Dirty Deeds, captures his gimmick and personality as a whole as he sends his opponent to the mat with a double arm DDT. This move requires little set up and ends the match in an instant. It was only appropriate that this moved helped Ambrose gain his long awaited title

Grade: A-

dirty deeds.gif

Love him or hate him, Dean Ambrose is your current champ. A giant step up from the joke that was Roman Reigns with an added dose of insanity. Whether his title lasts one month or and an entire year, one can almost guarantee a reign full of antics at the expense of the Authority as well as the other Superstars  .


Nick Anton

The next Paul Heyman if Law School works out.

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