What the Upcoming Draft Means for the WWE

On July 19th the WWE can expect to see a huge spike in ratings as SmackDown goes live on Tuesday nights. As a way of showing their commitment to what was once considered the “Cousin Oliver ” of Wrestling shows, The WWE has decided to hold a draft between SmackDown and RAW. Since the announcement the WWE has been filled with question marks in many fields. By breaking down how things may change, we will be able to possibly predict how our sport will look in 3 weeks.

Alliances and Rivalries

One of the biggest concerns is that our favorite groups and rivalries will be split up in this draft. I personally think the WWE is a lot smarter than that and would be absolutely foolish to break up groups such as the Shield and The New Day. Rumors have hinted at the Shield headlining the action in RAW while AJ Styles, John Cena, and Brock Lesnar control Smackdown. Regardless of where your favorites end up there is no doubt that a rivalry between SmackDown and RAW will once again be alive and well.

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This draft offers the WWE to bring back the World Heavyweight belt that was retired a few years ago. Many fans believe there should only be one championship belt but in order to consider SmackDown equal to RAW it must also have a big time belt. This also brings relevancy back to the Intercontinental and United States Championship belt which have recently been given the “who gives a shit” labeling.

Surprise Returns

A draft gives the WWE the perfect opportunity to bring back old favorites. All it takes is one of the commissioners to draft a retired star and instantly the fans will go wild. If CM Punk gets drafted you better believe I will break out into a YES! chant. A few stars like Kurt Angle have denied a return in the draft but the fact that he has to make that claim shows the WWE is willing to go back to the attitude era to court possible returns.


We will not know much until July 19th, but I for sure will be tuning in. This is the WWE’s only real shot at doubling their viewership and they are willing to pull out all the stops to attain it. One could only hope that it is not as predictable as I am making it out to be.


Nick Anton

The next Paul Heyman if Law School works out.

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