Independence Day

“’Footlong! Dodger dog! A weenie!’” my brother always yells as we throw the 4th of July hot dogs on the grill. We can thank the Constitution for guaranteeing free speech, or else we’d be stuck without such rhetorical gems from The Sandlot. In fact, we can thank that very right and privilege for the opportunity to operate this blog. It’s what allows us to experience our beloved John Daly tweets, Chris Broussard updates, and Dude Perfect videos. In other words, it would be much more difficult – if not impossible – to be a sports fan without the freedoms of speech or press. While being able to live tweet another Joey Chestnut victory in the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest isn’t exactly what the Founding Fathers had in mind when addressing man’s inalienable rights, ensuring the liberty to do so most certainly was. How would we be able to write the most compelling tale in all of sports, the underdog story, if censorship were present to keep the little guys from ever uttering even a fighting peep? Review the history of our nation’s founding – the greatest underdog story of all time – to remember why we can. Without the Fourth of July we don’t get to celebrate the other American “holidays”: Super Bowl Sunday, Masters weekend, the Kentucky Derby, or the first day of NBA free agency. While we call Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness inalienable rights, we should never forget that they are and will always be blessings. We are blessed to be able to play catch with our dads; we are blessed to have the opportunity to play pick-up basketball with our friends; we are blessed to put on whatever uniform we wear for whatever sport we play; we are blessed for any and every given Sunday. We are blessed to be Americans. Thank those who serve our American team so valiantly: our armed forces personnel, police officers, firefighters, teachers, doctors, social workers, and many more who have committed their lives and careers to the greater good. As the Olympics approach, fly the Stars and Stripes proudly outside your door, and remember the courage, determination, and sacrifice that have made our lives as Americans possible. America need not be great again; its dream is not dead. It thrives with a resounding thump! every time the ball hits the glove between father and son.


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