Marlins Man vs Foul Ball Guy

This whole “saga” is such bullshit and part of the reason why baseball is not fun. For those of you who don’t know the situation I will give a brief overview. On July 3rd the MLB brought the Braves-Marlins game to Fort Bragg, North Carolina which is an Army base and the largest military base in the World. Really cool idea right? Honor the men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live freely. Enter Marlins Man and Foul Ball Guy to ruin what was supposed to be a great event for an even better cause.

The game was for those from Fort Bragg only and you could only get into the game if you had a military or Department of Defense ID. Foul Ball Guy, his actual name is Zack Marlins Man vs Foul Ball Guy 1Hample, paid a military member an undisclosed amount to get him into the stadium for the game. Marlins Man, the “most famous Marlins fan in the World” (which isn’t hard to do because nobody likes the fuckin Marlins) had talked via Twitter direct message to Hample about going to the game and that he wasn’t going to be able to go and Hample said that if he could get in he would try and get baseballs, like he always does. Day of the game, Hample tweets out a picture of him with a baseball that says “Fort Bragg” on it and gets absolutely ripped on by Twitter. Following all the backlash,  Hample wrote an apology and it was all good from there…or so we thought. Marlins Man now decides to take exception to the fact that Hample went and got a ball and begins bashing him on Twitter and sets an ultimatum for him to come clean about it or he will “drop a bomb” at 6pm Eastern today. 6pm comes and he posts the direct message conversation which is completely innocuous and states what I just went over above.

First off, Marlins Man and anyone who is offended by this need to shut the hell up.

marlins-man-world-series_1414028510136_9298133_ver1-0_640_480What Hample did was wrong and he knows. We all know it and I, in no way condone what he did. He apologized and there is really nothing more he can do (he also wrote a donation check for $1,100 to AMVETS) at this point. By continuing to cry about this, Marlins Man is effectively helping non-baseball fans stay away from the game. For better or worse, he is one of the most well-known figures in sports that isn’t an actual athlete. When you have a guy complaining about someone else going to a game that Marlins Man himself said he wanted to go to, and then acting like Hample is the bad guy is the definition of contradictory. Not only that, but he is completely taking the focus off what the game was truly about, a fun night of baseball for the troops. The same people that lay their life on the line day-in and day-out so assholes like you can bitch about someone else getting what you wanted. Get off your fucking high horse and quit bitching, if you had the chance you would have been there too. Tom Hanks says it perfectly in A League of Their Own “There’s no crying in baseball!” quit complaining and move on.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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