Bulls Strategy Pivots with Dwyane Wade Signing

Bulls FO latest move commits them to “good, not great” status

Gar Forman and John Paxson insisted the Bulls were not going to be big players in this year’s market. Gar Forman was quoted as saying that they wanted to get “younger and more athletic”, but instead the we came out of the pile holding Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade as our haul, two guards on the wrong side of 30. Before we go further chastising the job that GarPax has done, we have to realize that on July 1st, they absolutely did not expect to end up with Rondo and Wade as our starting backcourt. The move wasn’t tactically sound, but it was aggressively opportunistic, something we haven’t seen from the Bulls’ front office in a while. The real question here is; was it an opportunity worth taking?

Well, that may depend on your view of success in this league. Those who support “championship or bust”, the Hinkie method some would call it, feel that this was a short-sighted move, and justifiably so. This signing took the Bulls out of contention to ink 2 max players next offseason, and it saddled the franchise with a starting backcourt that isn’t set up to succeed in the modern NBA. On the other hand, for those who want the franchise to remain competitive and entertaining on a consistent basis, this signing will bump Chicago back into the playoff mix come next year. Their lack of shooting will force them to work hard for buckets, and they will be putrid defensively at times, but they will be competitive nonetheless.

hpg1213_wade02_chi_130515_0From Gar and John’s track record, it is apparent that they value being competitive on a yearly basis. You’ve heard them say it in interviews time and time again, spewing variations of “we’ve made the playoffs 10 of the last 11 years” in order to highlight the organizational success. It signals that they view the longstanding product as a selling point, and one that presents value to potential free agents.  What they seem to lack, though, is the awareness that more than half of all NBA teams make the playoffs every year, but I guess we’ll let them have this one.

I will give Forman and Paxson some credit; there is something to be said for remaining competitive, in a league that has 2 blatantly obvious contenders right now. A championship is not on the horizon for these Bulls, so why not jump at a chance to make the squad interesting? Personally, I’m going to enjoy seeing what Fred Hoiberg does with the shit hand he’s been given, and even if they don’t win, at least they’ll be entertaining.


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