Who’s Who? Comparing Top Athletes to WWE Superstars

It is very clear that the WWE has a different style of audience than other professional sports. Its soap opera style and sometimes cheesy dialogue is not for everyone. Other professional leagues have a following based on the accessibility  of the sport as well as the overwhelming media coverage. As a huge fan of both realms of entertainment I decided to compare the top players in sports to their wrestling counterparts.


Lebron James and Dolph Ziggler

This comparison is based on location and work ethic. Dolph is the pride of Ohio and has recently been inducted into the Kent State University Hall of Fame. After a few minutes of watching him in the ring you will see that he takes tremendous pride in his craft. He is a 7 time champion which includes two World Heavyweight championships. Lebron James, also from Ohio, Is a three time champion and arguably the best player in the game right now. His game prep is unmatched in the league and it shows. Together these two athletes have brought 8 Championships to Ohio but by the looks of it, 8 might be it. Ziggler is also a huge Cavs fan as he has been seen court-side on multiple occasion sporting the maroon and gold.

Patrick Kane and The Miz

the mizKaner.jpg

Known for self-proclaiming himself as Awesome, The Miz has taken his movie star persona to a whole new level. The current intercontinental champion is known for his party-boy antics and his unrelenting desire to be a champion. The Miz got his start in the business after his dramatic stint on The Real World. His cocky nicknames such as the “A-Lister” and ” The Chick Magnet” are backed up with his 14 championships.

Patrick Kane aka “Showtime” has always been looked down upon for his off the ice antics. The party seems to get the best of Patrick but that does not stop his success on the ice. He has delivered Chicago 3 championships since 2010 and is the reigning league MVP. There is no doubt in my mind that if Kane and The Miz hit the town mayhem would ensue.

ODB.jpg shield

Odell Beckham Jr. and Seth Rollins

Odell Beckham lights up the highlight tapes with his acrobatic catches. The catches would not be nearly as extraordinary if Eli Manning knew how to throw a clean ball but that is beside the point. Recently Odell has been given flack for his aggressive style of play. Throughout his game against the Panthers, multiple cheap shots were dealt to Josh Norman. The WWE and especially Seth Rollins have been huge fans of cheap shots. Seth disbanded The Shield with his most famous cheap shot and recently spoiled a title celebration in the same fashion. Regardless of their attitudes and dirty play, both of these athletes are extremely talented and are on top of their sport.

Cena MLB: Los Angeles Angels-Photo Day

Mike Trout and John Cena

15 time champion John Cena has been the face of the WWE for quite some time now. During this era he has been known for his never quit baby face attitude. Cena is the squeaky clean, mother approved wrestler every child dreams of meeting. Mike Trout has this same effect that John Cena has without the championships. He goes about his business in a humble fashion and gives it his all on the field. We have not seen anything negative about either of these stars and we hope that trend continues.


Kevin Durant and AJ Styles

AJ Styles is a highly talented wrestler and has competed in leagues all around the world. As soon as he joined the WWE he was a title contender and the fans adored him. He was unsuccessful in procuring his first belt on his own and has recently resorted to teaming up with others in hopes of “cheating” his way into WWE glory. Sound familiar? Regardless of what you think of his tactics Styles’ supporters are alive and well as he continues to backup his nickname ” The Phenomenal One.”



Nick Anton

The next Paul Heyman if Law School works out.

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