Future HOF-er Trent Richardson Released

That’s right, Trent Richardson, the self-proclaimed future Hall of Famer was released today by the Baltimore Ravens. Really devastating blow to a guy who was finally hitting his stride in the league…the real question to ask now, is Trent Richardson is absolutely deranged or the most confident guy on the face of the Earth? I wish I had the balls to say I’ll end my career with a gold jacket despite having a career 3.3 yards per carry and never rushing for more than 1,000 yards in a season. After diving into his stats a bit more Trent’s YPC skyrocket to 4.0 on Monday Night. The guy lives for the bright lights of Prime-time. Late season, need a little spark with your team in the playoff hunt? Look no further, Trent is your guy. I’m slightly leaning towards confident, but damn can this go either way. The good news for Trent is that he is 26 years old, the bad news is that the shelf life of an over-confident, under-performing running back is very short. Maybe Trent will get another shot to show his HOF caliber play, I’ll float this idea around for any NFL executive reading the blog, Johnny Manziel and Trent Richardson would be an absolutely electric backfield.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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