Day: August 4, 2016

Russian Vice-Consul shoots and kills mugger

The headline says it all, a lawyer working for the Russian Olympic consulate was waiting for traffic to subside as a mugger came up with a revolver and tried to rob him. The lawyer is a native of Rio de Janiero and is not part of or related to the Russian Olympic Committee. According to the police report, the mugger demanded the man’s watch and broke his car window. At that point the man pulled the mugger into his vehicle and shot and killed him. What a fucking badass. This dude is doing exactly what he is supposed to...

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What to Watch Olympics Day 1

Throughout the Olympics, I will hopefully be able to post a daily overview of the top events to watch with channel and time listed. So far, both the Men’s and Women’s soccer tournament has begun. On Wednesday the women kicked off the Olympics, the US defeated New Zealand 2-0. This morning the Men’s tournament started with Iraq and Denmark battling it out, the host Brazil team will be playing South Africa around 2pm (The US did not qualify for the Men’s tourney). This first post is very simple, tomorrow the event to watch is the Opening Ceremonies. It will be...

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The Thunder's Enigmatic Superstar is Staying in OKC: Russell Westbrook Inks a 3/$85M Deal

We all need to prepare ourselves to see the most ridiculous individual season since 1962, when Oscar Robertson averaged a triple-double, because Russell Westbrook is remaining with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and he’s going to be on a mission. On a team full of young and unproven players, there is no doubt in my mind that we’ll see Russell putting up more than 25 shots a game. Kevin Durant left him by his lonesome in OKC, and now he has free reign to do as he pleases. Westbrook made the smart move financially; this extension will bump up his salary about $9M...

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