American Alex Massialas with an unreal comeback in Men’s Foil

For those who are unaware, Foil is a type of blade used in Fencing and fencing is played on points, you earn points by touching the opponent in set areas and the first to 15 points wins. Alex Massialas, the World’s top Foil Fencer was on the ropes against Italian Giorgio Avola. The match was even at 7-7 when Avola went on a 7-1 run and was one touch away from moving on to the Semi-finals. Massialas went on a 7-0 run showing grit and poise to comeback and win in spectacular fashion. Watching this was so intense, I was breaking a sweat once it got to 14-10. Avola was walking around cocky as hell waving a finger to the crowd saying he was one point away from winning. And then the comeback began, Massialas was dominant and destroyed the Italian’s will on the way to a Semi-final birth. Just a classic American comeback, no big deal, Massialas will take on a Brit in a Revolutionary War rematch, as if he needed more motivation after that huge win. If you haven’t seen him yet, definitely worth checking it out.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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