Reactions to Hope Solo's comments are why athletes can't be honeset

The USWNT lost in devastating fashion in the Olympic’s first ever penalty shootout. The Americans equalized in the 77th minute against Sweden on an Alex Morgan goal. The game went into extra time where both teams scored goals that were waved off on controversial calls. After 30 minutes of “scoreless” action the teams went to penalties, one of my favorite things to see in all sports. The United States shot first and it was Alex Morgan who stepped up and poorly hit a shot that was saved by the Swedish keeper. Hope Solo got the US back in it with a save on the 4th attempt for Sweden. Tied 3-3 in the 5th and potentially final round, Christen Press stepped up and put the ball over the bar. Absolute devastation for the US and elation for the entirety (or what felt like it) of the crowd watching. Solo changed gloves in what looked like an attempt to ice the last shooter who buried her shot and eliminated the United States for the first time in the Olympics.

After the match, Solo had some strong comments about the Swedish team and the results. She said that the best team did not win (which is 100% true) and that the Swedes were cowards. Sweden didn’t play the game the way it was meant to be played and sat back the entire time. Since she made those comments, Solo has been scolded by multiple officials and former players from the United States. While yes, this is a very sore loser move, who cares! She’s emotional after a disappointing loss in what could be her last Olympics. She was asked a question and answered it honestly. Fans and the media are so quick to say that they wish athletes would be honest and tell them how they really feel instead of hiding their feelings and giving the cliche answers. THIS IS IT RIGHT HERE! Solo gave her emotional and honest answer and she gets ripped for it. Get the fuck outta here. This is why athletes aren’t honest. It is so much easier to give the bullshit cliche answers instead of giving a real, genuine response to questions. I don’t agree with Hope, but I sure as hell respect her. She was real with the fans and media and spoke her mind. Until people wise up and realize that, they will continue to eat up the canned answers athletes keep giving.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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