Let Me B-Frank Podcast: August 17

Brian, Pete, and John discuss the second week of the Olympics, Usain Bolts’ dominance, and whether or not it’s ok to dive for the finish line. The guys play some Olympic trivia, give their Top 5 Pro Athlete Interactions, and consult Twitter expert Brandon McCarthy!

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0:35 The Lightning Bolt Does It Again
3:38 Diving For Gold: Is It Right?
12:52 Update on the Olympic Medal Count
14:49 Celebrity Tweets (How Big Are Your Nipples?)
17:19 Brian Windhorst Blooper
18:30 Brian Has Beef With Michael Wilbon
21:19 Intern Stats of the Week (The Kardashian Curse)
25:00 Big Game Jimmy Shields Strikes Again
26:18 What 3 Summer Olympic Sports Has the U.S. Never Medalled in?
29:15 Guess The Player
31:16 Top 5 Athlete Interactions
34:09 Hello Quantrill Family!
35:40 John Ruined Woody Williams’ Career (He’s Sorry..)
37:53 Pete’s Top 5
39:55 Corey Maggette Basketball Camp
43:10 Pete Gets Inside Eddy Curry’s Head
44:36 Brian’s Top 5
46:10 Brian Meets Mr. Cub
48:18 Bill Raftery + Brian = Love
49:05 Women’s Basketball Update
50:22 Events of the Weekend

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