Ryan Lochte: 2016's Josh Shaw?

Jeah, man, it totally happened. Or did it?

As if things weren’t bizarre enough in Rio, tonight comes news of U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte possibly fibbing about his story about being robbed at gunpoint at a gas station along with three other teammates early Sunday morning.

You may recall the 2014 story of USC defensive back Josh Shaw spraining both his ankles jumping off a building and claiming it happened in order to save his drowning nephew. That’s always a classic excuse and right up there with the dog chewing up an assignment. The good thing for Shaw is that he’s now a member of the Cincinnati Bengals, a team that I am having an extremely difficult time recalling being involved in any controversies.

Shaw’s nephew obviously didn’t drown, and neither did Lochte during any of his events. Glad you’re safe on all fronts, Ryan. However, Lochte may have himself in some hot water.

According to NBC News’ Pete Alexander, two U.S. swimmers were pulled off a plane as part of a Brazilian probe investigating contradictions in Lochte’s story. Lochte is back in the U.S., while fellow swimmer Jimmy Feigen is not. The Rio de Jainero Court has ordered for Lochte and Feigen’s passports to be seized.

Lochte told NBC’s Matt Lauer that their cab was never stopped and that a cab driver never drove the swimmers and pointed a gun “in his direction”, not at his head.

Should be a doozy of a story to follow!


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