Day: August 23, 2016

LLWS Rewind

After tonight we are officially at the half way point of the 2016 LLWS and I sincerely hope my previous article convinced you to watch this year’s tournament, its been a great one. For those who are just tuning in now, jump on the Iowa Train, and here’s a quick recap of what’s gone down so far. Japan went 0-2 and got eliminated on Day 3. For anyone who follows the LLWS this was just crazy. Japan taking the L to Canada was crazy, but Canada’s Loreto Siniscalchi wasn’t exactly your average Canada starter. Kid was a hearty 6’1...

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Give me more K’s

Why Strikeouts are Good for the Game of Baseball Photo Courtesy of Associated Press Last year, the Chicago Cubs averaged 9.37 strikeouts per game. Yes, you read that correctly: on average, the Cubs made 1/3 outs per inning via the dreaded strikeout. Yet, that same team struck out all the way to the NLCS, which obviously was their most painful strikeout all year. For the average fan, baseball is a boring sport—it always has been and it always will be. As a player, you might see five minutes of action in a three-hour game. That’s just how it goes. As...

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NFL Gets Big Up Front

                                                                               *fullback If you’ve ever played me in Madden or even talked about football for 2 seconds, you wouldn’t be surprised to know that the fullback is far and away my favorite player on the field (in football, not rugby. Those guys are pussies). Short yardage work and blocking has been their primary function since the forward pass was introduced. Over time,...

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Kobe Bryant: Venture Capitalist And… "Let Me B-Frank" Investor?

Early Monday morning, Kobe Bryant announced that he was officially partnering with brain scientist, investor and entrepreneur, Jeff Stibel, to start their LA-based venture capital firm. Their firm, Bryant Stibel, isn’t exactly the most creative name, coming from the guy that came up with the greatest self-proclaimed nickname of all time, “The Black Mamba”. The duo already has investments in companies such as The Players Tribune, Juicero and Alibaba. And sure to be next on that list: Let Me B-Frank Blog Why would Kobe Bryant be interested in a site such as ours? I’m glad you asked. One of our main contributors,...

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