Kobe Bryant: Venture Capitalist And… "Let Me B-Frank" Investor?

Early Monday morning, Kobe Bryant announced that he was officially partnering with brain scientist, investor and entrepreneur, Jeff Stibel, to start their LA-based venture capital firm. Their firm, Bryant Stibel, isn’t exactly the most creative name, coming from the guy that came up with the greatest self-proclaimed nickname of all time, “The Black Mamba”. The duo already has investments in companies such as The Players Tribune, Juicero and Alibaba.

And sure to be next on that list: Let Me B-Frank Blog

Why would Kobe Bryant be interested in a site such as ours? I’m glad you asked.

  1. image

    “Look at my LA native over here, look at him! Are you the greatest?” – Donald J Trump

    One of our main contributors, John Hayes, is from the LA area! We will fit right in with your already established clients!

  2. Invested in Alibaba already? So have we! We have countless fake jerseys from their site.
  3. We will take literally anything for funding! Do you have a spare change jar in your office?
  4. I feel like I’m writing the script for a Used Car Dealership commercial.
  5. If someone ever causes trouble in your life, don’t worry we’ve got it covered! Our Shaq-like staff writer will get rid of that problem right away. That’s added security at no cost to you.


    You’ll sure as hell never forget this face.

  6. If you ever get tired of talking to that nerd brain scientist Jeff Stibel, we’re some cool guys to hang with on the weekends. We won’t say no if you wish to lend us your private jet. (Please, because we legitimately won’t be able to pay for airfare to Los Angeles if you don’t.)
  7. We have just as much talent as the likes of Smush Parker, Samaki Walker, and Kwame Brown. If you could succeed with them, then you’ll definitely succeed with us!
  8. We’ll cold-call whoever you want. Even Joey Chestnut.


Mamba, my Venmo is pjcarey2. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



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