Let Me B-Frank Podcast: August 24

Brian and John discuss the twists and turns of this year’s Little League World Series, Joey Votto’s recent hot streak, and the significance of Presbyterian College’s class on SEC football. The guys think baseball can take off in Australia and ask Little League to (please) change the Great Lakes and Midwest regions for the sake of common sense.

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0:38 Little League World Series Doesn’t Disappoint
2:35 Can Baseball Grow in Australia?
4:40 ESPN’s Coverage Has Been Solid
6:18 What’s Up With the LLWS Regions?
10:53 Presbyterian College’s “SEC Religion” Course (Why Did You Pick Your College?)
20:03 Joey Votto Is Tearing It Up
24:52 MLB Needs a Salary Cap
29:19 Guess The Player: Can You Name This SEC Running Back?
Note: Due to some unfortunate technical issues, we were unable to capture the last few minutes of this week’s podcast. As such, we have provided additional information about the show below:

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Feature Image by: Greg Pickel

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