THE RETURN: Kwame Brown Edition

This past Monday, former #1 pick Kwame Brown signed with a new agency, InterPerformance, and announced that he would be attempting an NBA comeback. The irony of his announcement being released as First Take is coming back on the air is just uncanny, but nonetheless, I’m rooting for a successful return for Kwame “human garbage” Brown. It seems like he’s been around forever, but the guy is still only 34, and his new agency says that he can “explode in devastating dunks”. To remind readers, I compiled a few videos that I thought summed up his body of work quite nicely.

“This man is a bona fide scrub”

“I can get you Pau Gasol for Kwame Brown.”

“When you’re replacing nothing, that makes you something!”

“Darko is a zero, but Kwame Brown is an absolute cancer”

Kwame doesn’t mess with the conventional training, he’s out here like Paul Bunyan.


Best of luck big fella.


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