Tim Tebow’s Baseball Workout Reminiscent of Football

A little late to the party but late is better than never right? Tim Tebow had his “showcase” for almost the entire MLB the yesterday and it ranged from shockingly good to as bad as people expected. First off, who the hell decided that baseball players “showcase” their talents, what the hell is this the Price Is Right or a goddamn beauty pageant? Come on. Second, this is such an “uhhhh ya think” moment it’s unreal, of course he sucked! He’s 29 years old and has been training to be a football player for pretty much his entire adult life. Reading through his scouting reports they are incredibly similar to those NFL scouts had of him coming out of Florida. Weak arm. Poor technique. Bad footwork. Average runner. Compare those scouting reports side-by-side like two pictures and they’re damn near identical. Another no shit moment came when Tebow cranked a few homers in BP. Of course he did, the guy is a huge and it’s a 60 mph pitch! 6-3 225 all muscle, and people are surprised he’s got power on a baseball field? One National League scout went as far as to grade Tebow an 80 in the power category, for those of you who are unaware that is the highest possible grade. Thank God the Cubs didn’t show up so I don’t have to worry about that report.

Regardless of the results on the field we all knew that there were always going to be a few teams that were interested in signing Tebow and according to his agent, after the workout, there were 5-6 teams that had interest in signing him in some capacity. Now what that means is TBD but my guess is that he’d sign a minor league deal and be a September call-up to put some asses in the seats. And why the hell not if you’re a team out of the playoffs or struggling to bring in fans. Hell a return to Denver would be fantastic, put him in that lineup with Story, CarGo and Arenado and see what the boys can do. The real question here isn’t even about Tebow, it’s about David Aardsma.david-aardsma1 Tim went 2-for-6 against him in live at-bat situations with a bomb off the left field wall. I think that’s it. If you’re his agent you gotta give him a call and say “Hey, Dave, sorry but it’s time to hang up the cleats, you just Tim Tebow, a guy who hasn’t played baseball since he was in high school hit .333 against you.” In my mind, there is no coming back from that and if I were a GM there’s no chance in hell this guy is getting a spot in my bullpen. If Tebow can do that against him imagine what a real major league level hitter can do.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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