Day: September 1, 2016

Make the Bears Offense Not an Embarrassment Again!

As I am often reminded whenever I feel blue about the Bears’ preseason losses, the ’85 Bears lost all of their preseason games and went on to be the most influential group of men of all time (suck it, founding fathers). Keeping that in mind, let’s look at the bright side of the Bears’ performance this preseason. Sure, their offense was ranked dead last in scoring but this offensive unit has some serious potential. Well, we still have Kyle Long. He’s been fighting through some maintenance health issues but nothing major. He saw some snaps but ultimately got his...

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Big 12 Cuts List of Schools to "6 to 8"

Big 12 expansion talk heated up this morning as it was announced that the conference had cut its list of possible expansions schools. Among those still left are believed to be Cincinnati, Houston, Memphis, UConn, South Florida, Central Florida and two “mystery teams” from the AAC (Temple and SMU are my guesses). Schools that were cut included UNLV and East Carolina who made statements following their schools being dropped from consideration. Obviously East Carolina was going to get dropped, outside of a win over Virginia Tech in Week 1 like 7 years ago what have they done athletically to...

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