Make the Bears Offense Not an Embarrassment Again!

As I am often reminded whenever I feel blue about the Bears’ preseason losses, the ’85 Bears lost all of their preseason games and went on to be the most influential group of men of all time (suck it, founding fathers). Keeping that in mind, let’s look at the bright side of the Bears’ performance this preseason. Sure, their offense was ranked dead last in scoring but this offensive unit has some serious potential.

kyle long

Well, we still have Kyle Long. He’s been fighting through some maintenance health issues but nothing major. He saw some snaps but ultimately got his rest. He’s our rock. However, Hroniss Grasu C recently went down with a season ending ACL tear, throwing a wrench in the works up front. For now, Ted Larsen will move from guard to center, pending any new signings. This probably won’t affect the run game too much, as the Bears’ line seems pretty flexible when it comes to dealing with injuries. Not to mention, that Jeremy Langford looks poised to have a monster year, now that he’ll see the lion’s share of snaps. Pass blocking for the Bears’ was pretty middle of the pack but when you have future Hall of Famer Kyle Long acting as a curve buster, we’ll just have to wait and find out how sharp they really are. The major issue, not just for the line but the entire offense has been penalties. If the line can settle down as a singular unit, that should cut out most of the flags, assuming that our more seasoned receivers and tight ends stay disciplined.

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On paper, our receiving corps is stellar. Alshon, Zach Miller, a healthy Eddie Royal and Kevin White make for wide arsenal for the pass attack but when it concerns the Bears’, I’ve been wrong before. Langford and Jacquizz Rodgers are a real two headed monster in the backfield, too. Again, this is ON PAPER, and from what I’m seeing, the Bears’ could be legitimate contenders this year. We do have a new OC but the way I see it, the offense couldn’t have been worse than it was in the Trestman era.

All in all, with a new lineup on the line, I think the Bears should do what they historically do best and become the run-first, defensive power house they have been but that’s for another blog. That’s not to say that we can’t get things done the way they are now. Teddy Bridgewater going down just made things VERY interesting in the NFC North. The team that wants it more is gonna take it and Zach Miller is optimistic.

Now let’s run through a motherfucka’s face



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