Day: September 2, 2016

Northwestern vs Western Michigan Is the Symbolic Match-Up of the Decade

Did that title hook you? Of course it did. I went to a Jesuit college so don’t act so surprised. Anyway, I’m not not wrong. This is such an awesome game for Great Lake area college football fans, even if it doesn’t seem like it. I love to see MAC teams lace it up against (arguably not) lower tier Big Ten teams. Call it Rust Belt bias but I am actually so amped for this game. Northwestern had a well above average season last year, despite a heartbreaking ending to it. Western Michigan, in the opposite corner, isn’t some...

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Twitter Puts Jay Mariotti In a Body Bag After He Calls Out Bloggers Above is the tweet that set the internet off last night. Some of you may remember Jay from his 17 year stint with the Chicago Sun-Times and a frequent of the ESPN Program “Around The Horn”. Well, Mariotti fell off the grid after being arrested for multiples felonies including assault, domestic violence and stalking, yikes. But he’s back and dumber than ever with his most recent tweet calling out bloggers and stating that he makes ‘intellectual impact’. Give me a break, Jay. You obviously have never read LMBF! This guy is a special kind of stupid thinking he...

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