The First Domino Has Fallen: Braves offer Tebow Minor-League Deal

Just a few days after Tebow’s mixed review showcase, the Atlanta Braves bite the bullet and offer the former QB a minor-league deal. This is probably the least shocking headline I have seen this weekend. We all knew that Tebow would get offered a contract, the questions was which team would do it. I threw out the Rockies as a possible landing spot, but Atlanta makes sense. Give Tim a few months working with professionals to build up his skills and you’ve got an absolute ticket seller to help christen a brand new stadium next season. Now, the contract has only been offered there is no word whether or not Tebow will accept but he’d be foolish not to. Atlanta is a bad baseball team and if, and it’s a big if, he performs well he could legitimately make the 25 man roster on Opening Day. Mark it down now, if Tebow signs and makes the Braves roster, I and the LMBF staff will fly down to Atlanta and be in attendance for that game.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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