Day: September 5, 2016

2 Months Until the All Blacks vs Ireland Rugby Match at Soldier Field

I’m probably jumping the gun on building up hype for this game but I don’t care. It’s Labor Day, it was like 50 degrees last night, and I even saw a few orange and red leaves. Its fall, end of discussion. Now that college football is back in a big a way and the NFL is due to kick off next week, it is my sacred duty to remind people of arguably the biggest event in rugby’s history in America. On November 5, the All Blacks are set to take on Ireland  at Soldier Field, right here in Chicago!...

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Back-Breaking Loss to Western Michigan Sends Small Time Blogger into Depressive Spiral

(Those steely eyes stare directly into my shattered soul) So Saturday, I decided it would be good times if I went to Northwestern’s home opener against Western Michigan and if by chance you follow me on twitter, you might have noticed that I was all over NU at -3.5 (I think this moved to -4.5 before kickoff but I’m not sure, my brain called in sick). Turns out that I was dead wrong, as I almost always am on everything I hold near and dear to me. However, I was NOT wrong about the impact of this match up. Thank gosh that...

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