America's Rugby Championship Match Ups Confirmed

The America’s Rugby Championship, a tournament of the top 6 nations in North and South America, has set their matches for February 2017. The locations are set to move around the 6 participating countries but nothing has been set in stone yet so don’t be looking for tickets just yet. The six nations included will be Argentina, USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay. Argentina is the reigning champs of the first ARC, which was last year and was met with lots of positive support from the involved nations as well as abroad. The ARC, which features both established and quickly improving teams, will only continue to grow in popularity, alongside with the game of rugby itself. At first glance, I was skeptical about how rugby would do in Latin America but the average American would be floored to know how popular it really is down there. Its no soccer but has certainly carved out a loyal niche that is booming in the most unlikely locales. Don’t believe me? This ESPN article was written in Spanish. The ARC itself also serves as a nice foil to the Six Nations that happens around the same time in Europe, so assuming TV deals are inked in the US, football-starved Americans will clamor all over the hard-hitting action going on in their backyards. Nothing says TV ad revenues like contact sports and patriotism. I’ll break down the teams and highlight key match ups as we get closer so if you’re a regular of this site, you know that ol’ Johnny boy’s ALWAYS talking rugby. The US will take on Uruguay first, assuming Los Teros don’t get hungry before then.  Canada plays Argentina and Brazil takes on Chile. Obviously, there’s a lot of time between now and February so I expect a lot to change, particularly changes that will benefit the Eagles.

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