Looping at the BMW Championship

Tuesday night, I was down in Indianapolis for the second time in 10 days, which is something I wish I didn’t have to admit. But nonetheless, I was back and ready to caddie in the BMW Championship Pro-Am, an opportunity extended to alumni of the Chick Evans Caddie Scholarship Program. I was at the course by 5:30 AM Wednesday morning, expecting to end the day as Jordan Spieth’s best friend. Fellow LMBF blogger Alex Wesolowski and I ended up being assigned to Louis Oosthuizen’s group, and we made the best of an exhausting experience at the course.separated_louis_shrek_690

Highlights from the Day

  • Apparently professional golfers have entourages. Oosthuizen was surrounded by his caddie, manager, trainer, and a guy who carried two extra pairs of golf shoes just in case Louis didn’t like the pair on his feet. All of his crew was from South Africa as well, and their accents made talking about golf far more entertaining.
  • In the morning, Jordan Spieth and Jason Day were hitting at the range right next to each other, and I guess they got bored, because they started trying to hit each other’s balls IN MID AIR. Afterwards, a driving competition ensued between the two, and us spectators were the real winners, having the pleasure of seeing two of the world’s best crush perfect drives, time after time.
  • Spectators don’t appreciate it when caddies try to autograph their flags.
  • Oosthuizen had to leave after 11 holes due to knee soreness, so the rest of our round became a game of “Who’s the professional in this group?” for the patrons at each hole.

Though Oosthuizen had to leave the round early, he was a great sport about it and he took as many pictures as we asked before heading back, and LMBF wishes him the best of luck at the BMW Championship this weekend.


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