Never Forget

It has been nearly 15 years, but it still feels fresh. Maybe it’s because I’ve recently read so much about the attacks and the events leading up to them, but even walking among the people in the streets surrounding the memorial, many faces still seem to show the pain. You walk through ongoing construction, part of which is on the Freedom Tower and part of which is on the memorial efforts, a reminder that we are still rebuilding from the catastrophe. You feel the memorial before you see it. In fact, you’ve felt it since the very day of the attacks, the hole they ripped not only in the side of each building but in the American psyche, in our sense of security, our peace of mind, and the very fabric of life as we knew it. It is the perfect memorial to commemorate the event: two huge voids in the form of reflection pools where the towers once stood. In the sunlight the water cascading down appears like the ribbons of steel that once ran high above this place in the Manhattan sky. If you look hard enough, you can almost make out the shape of the towers in the reflecting cascade. The water falls once before falling again into a second endless chasm, a reminder that the impact of September 11th will forever last.
(Image via Shutterstock)

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