“It’s Always Windy in Chicago” Chicago Bears Week 2 Prediction

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Bounce Back Matchup for DA BEARS. It is week 2 of the NFL season and already the Bears are angering fans after blowing last week’s battle vs the Texans.  The Bears have remained steady in ESPN’s power rankings at No. 29. These power rankings are an absolute joke and I would not have even known they were ranked this badly if I hadn’t heard about this from a co-worker. The Titans, Bills, Ravens, and Buccs are some of the teams ranked better than the Bears…. REALLY?!?!?! Ugh, cannot let these biased “experts” get to you. Here are a few predictions that I have for Monday Night Football between the Bears and Eagles.

Langford Rushes Near 100 Yards or Better. Jeremy Langford had a very nice first game against a top ranked Texans defense last week ( 57 yds and 1 TD). The Eagles are nowhere near the Texans skill set defensively. I predict Langford gets a rushing TD very early in this game and then will remain average the rest of the way. Hopefully the offensive line can continue creating nice holes for Langford to attack.

Cutler Plays Well, but Takes another Beating. We saw some solid stuff out of Cutler last matchup. He made some very smart passes and has proven to be a solid scrambler when he needs to be. His one interception last week was due to receiver Kevin White not knowing the playbook (check my last post if you really want to know how I felt about White’s play). Jay seemed to hookup nicely with Alshon Jeffery and Eddie Royal on some key downs in the first half. Hopefully, the offense can play the ENTIRE game well this time. This can be accomplished by protecting Jay Cutler. The O-line needs to protect Jay for all 4 quarters for the offense to make an impact. Otherwise, he will not last long this season. Step it up big fellas and protect Cutty!

The Defense Makes a Key Turnover. This defense is not going to create the number of turnovers like they did in the Lovie Smith era, but last week it was really nice to see Tracy Porter get an early interception which ultimately lead to a Bears touchdown. Already people are making Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz out to be the next great QB in the NFL. Although he may become a solid starter in the league, he will struggle in his first primetime appearance. Yes he looked pretty good last week, but he played against THE BROWNS… The Bears are better than Cleveland and I believe they will give the young quarterback problems. I foresee another early turnover or a big sack that puts early pressure on Wentz.  Remember folks, all NFC East teams are overrated and the Eagles are definitely one of them!

Cutler’s Secret Weapon. Last week, Cutler was able to target a few of his favorite receivers, but failed to connect with the big guy, Zach Miller. If the Bears are going to win this game, Jay needs to start throwing the ball in Millers direction. It’s that simple, good teams have good tight ends, and Zach is an elite player!

Game Prediction: Eagles 17 Bears 28. I predict the Eagles take the lead early with a field goal or soft TD, but the Bears bounce back and control the game the rest of the way. Langford rushes for a TD or two, Jeffery and Miller both catch TD passes, Eddie Royal will make big third down catches all game, and Kevin White will once again do something stupid to anger me, but will make one really nice catch that gets the fans too excited. The defense will play well enough to give the Bears a great chance in winning this one. Let’s hope this can be a bounce back game and set the season in the right direction for the Bears.

Miller Lite Count: 1. I will only be drinking one Miller Lite because I will have work in the morning and will only be shotgunning a Miller when Zach Miller makes a grab in the end zone.

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