Throwback Thursday: September 15th

This week, I decided to add a little description to each song giving a little insight into why it was chosen.

Arguably the most popular rapper today, Chance started off with his mix-tape “Acidrap” with the fire hit Cocoa Butter Kisses, which in my opinion is his best song to this day.

My favorite rapper of all-time, the lyrical genius himself, Kanye West. Ye sang an entire song just weeks after a nearly fatal car crash which forced doctors to wire shut his mouth to help heal his broken jaw. But a little metal couldn’t stop Yeezy from dropping an absolute classic.

This song is so 90s that it is perfect. From the clothing, to the dancing, to the lyrics, OMC kills it and created one of the greatest pre-game songs in history.

90s + summer = hit. LFO likes girls that wear Abercrombie & Fitch and that has a totally different meaning in 2016…enjoy this timeless beauty!

This song will bring the house down late night at a bar or party, don’t believe me? Give it a shot next time around 1 or 2am and thank me later.

Before Cee-Lo Green was saying “Fuck you” to all the chicks that were way out his league giving him the cold shoulder, he was busy wondering if he was crazy, hmm.

Such a Chicago bias coming up here, but The Blues Brothers is one of the greatest movies ever created and this song is one of the most recognizable from a soundtrack of #1 hits. Slow start but I guarantee you’ll know or at least be singing along once it gets going.

The iconic love ballad of the late 2000s is back! Catchy beat, simple lyrics and singing his phone number (h/t Mike Jones) is the Soulja Boy recipe for hits and this one does not disappoint.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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