Bears Cut Ex-BYU Rugby Star Paul Lasike and Officially Declare War on Me Personally

“BEING A BEARS FAN IS TORTURE!!” -Every blogger on this site

Welp, the Bears messed around and made an enemy (Another enemy, actually. The resistance grows). Paul Lasike, the thick lad from New Zealand that just wanted to win scrums and sniff bums hammer A gap runs up the guy, gets shafted. Obviously, there’s a million and one reasons the Bears are playing poorly but a tough nosed FB would only reinforce the fact that the run is back in Chicago and at the very least, provide more pass pro for Jay (or whoever). I don’t like the direction of this organization one lick. If the McCaskey’s made up their mind after the 1st quarter against Houston that we were gonna tank, why not keep the Kiwi around to sell jerseys? I think some people would drunkely buy #47 a month or so while they’re at Soldier Field for THE BIGGEST RUGBY GAME IN NORTH AMERICA. But what do I know? I just drop the smartest football tweets of all time @ColtMcAdams

Good night, sweet prince



It’s kinda sorta super unfair that Mormons can go on mission to the Rugby Promised Land and then go back to school and still be eligible to play rugby. I hate the NCAA more than anything but it’d be nice to have a little control over that. Not for my benefit, seeing as I’m a God damn grown man but for the scrawny 18 year olds from Kansas City that weren’t allowed to play with Super Soakers because they were too violent. Those are the guys I want to protect from 30 year old Polys and their forearms of iron.


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