Giannis Antetokounmpo Leaves $6M on the Table to Stay in Milwaukee: Agent is Terrible

The Greek Freak signs for $100 million over 4 years. FEAR THE DEER.

Early Monday, the Bucks locked up the face of their franchise, Giannis Antetokounmpo, to a 4 year deal, worth $6M less than the maximum he could have received over the life of the contract. Not having to give Giannis the 5 year max extension is a coup for the franchise, considering that he could have easily demanded the max and forced Milwaukee’s hand, but he decided to sign a team-friendly deal, and now they still have that option for Jabari Parker.

If Giannis continues to improve at the PG position and completes his transition into Magic Gianson, then this deal is an absolute steal for the Bucks. Moving forward with two cornerstone players in Jabari and Giannis sets this team up well for the next decade.

Behind this deal, though, is the fact that YET AGAIN, an athlete represented by Jeff Austin will not be getting the money that he deserves. Let’s go through a few players that Mr. Austin has represented:

Josh Childress: Left the NBA to get a fair contract, and played in Greece for 3 years.

Rudy Gay: Signed an extension in 2014 for 3 years, $40m, a team-friendly contract with the most incompetent front office in sports, the Sacramento Kings. Jeff Austin somehow managed to help the Kings fall ass backwards into a smart move.

Steph Curry: Signed 4 year, $44 million dollar deal back in 2013. Which now means that he is merely the 4th highest paid player on his team. Mr. Austin decided to negotiate this deal from a position of weakness, considering that this was the exact time when Steph was having ankle issues. Great timing!

Cameron Bairstow: Already out of the NBA and back with his Aussie brothers, playing for the Brisbane Bullets. Mr. Austin couldn’t even get this supremely talented Australian an NBA contract.

Jimmer Fredette: Jimmer could be the NBA’s version of what Tim Tebow is to the NFL, but noooo. Instead, Jeff Austin is content with his client having to move to Shanghai, and try to compete with the internationally beloved hero, Stephon Marbury. HAVE JIMMER TRY OUT FOR THE PATRIOTS QB POSITION. Why didn’t you think of that, ya dummy.







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