The Darkest Age Has Just Begun

Jay Cutler is THE WORST QB in the NFL. Given the arm strength and above average raw ability that analysts love to talk about, I don’t think I have ever seen a quarterback in my lifetime waste more talent than Jay Cutler has. Don’t @ me on Twitter, don’t call me a fair weather fan, don’t angrily clench your fist like the Arthur memes. Read it and admit it to yourself. Jay Cutler is an embarrassment to aspiring NFL quarterbacks and does not deserve to be one of the men with a C on his jersey. But, leave it to the laughable management and culture of the bears to christen him as a captain. I certainly am not the only one who holds this opinion. Stephen A calls out Jay Cutler

Even Stephen A’s old friend Skip Bayless, a long-time believer in his fellow Vanderbilt alumnae, could no longer back the play of Cutler. In the words of fellow writer Jack Cooney, “When those two agree on something, you know it’s _____ed up.”


I will be the first to admit that I should be the last one to attempt to speak objectively about the performance and character of Jay Cutler. I was ready to discount his above average performance in 2015 before he even took a single snap in the preseason this year My previous “I Hate Jay Cutler” Rant

If I had to give one single reason that I will always take ANY quarterback in the NFL over Jay Cutler, it is that he simply does not care AT ALL about his team, the game of football or even his own reputation. This offseason, the Bennett brothers attacked Jay calling him the worst quarterback in the NFL. About the only thing Jay Cutler had to say about that was he hopes Tom Brady will do a better job finding Martellus when he’s open than he did. Nice one, Jay! He also went on to say that he could say something clever and smart, but that he’d rather pass. Jay Not Caring…Per Usual

This was far from the first time Jay Cutler could have demonstrated that he cares about anything in life. But instead, he just didn’t really feel like it. Just like he didn’t really feel like at least throwing the ball out of bounds instead of hurling a pathetic excuse of a pass right into the hands Nigel Bradham on the first play of a drive in the third quarter. Seriously, please watch this replay and try to tell me Jay Cutler has even a single ounce of passion for the game of football left in him. Jay Cutler Throws One of the Worst Passes I’ve Ever Seen

No, the poor play of the Bears has not been solely on the shoulders of Jay Cutler. His pass protection has been below average at best. Kevin White has been incredibly underwhelming. But, the one thing I will ALWAYS blame Jay Cutler for is the lack of absolutely ANY leadership on this team whatsoever.

Josh McCown suffered a shoulder injury during Sunday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens. Yes, the Browns did at one point have a 20-0 lead and managed to give up 25 points unanswered. No, Josh McCown did not play very well after the first quarter and was ultimately unable to get the Browns their first win. But, he literally cried during an interview at the thought of not being able to play. Josh McCown: Educating the Youth of America

What did Jay Cutler do when he felt his thumb starting to swell up? He threw one of the worst passes I’ve ever seen and proceeded to bench himself. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I’m not even going to bring up the 2011 NFC Playoff game against the Packers, that’s a painful memory I’d rather not re-live. But, at this point I think the only thing that would’ve been more fitting is if John Fox had the guts to tell Jay to continue pouting on the sidelines in favor of Hoyer. Unfortunately, Jay did the honors himself.

Did I mention that Jay Cutler is now only listed as day-to-day and does not require surgery?  Wow, must’ve been some kind of excruciating pain he experienced last night!  I was thoroughly disappointed listening to Field Yates and Ed Werder talking about the Cutler injury.  NFL Insiders Give an Irritating Analysis on Jay Cutler

Yes, Jay Cutler has gotten hit a lot more than your average quarterback in his time with the Bears.  Yes, it does not make sense for him to keep playing if he cannot grip the ball.  But for the love of God, can someone PLEASE tell this man to at least pretend to show some fire.  I mean seriously, it’s like he feels zero responsibility to be on the field when he’s paid just under a million dollars every single Sunday.

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 4.13.38 PM.png

This Bears team has lost ALL hope. John Fox will not be able to turn this absolute dumpster fire of a team around, and I don’t think any single coach, GM or front office personnel can. It’s up to the players. The bottom line is that no one on the Bears wants to step up and lead this team. Great teams always thrive upon the leadership of their stars. With Jay Cutler as their leader, it’s no wonder why the Bears have been a laughing stock ever since they signed him to one of the worst deals in NFL history.

Brian Hoyer is certainly not the man for the job. Our defense is improving but does not have a clear leader. John Fox is doing what he can, but he simply does not have the character on his team to turn this ship around in any way. I’m going to go ahead and say it. I think the Bears are going to be the worst team in the NFC North indefinitely. Until we find players who actually are eager to play on Sundays, who are as motivated on the sidelines as they are between the hash marks and who are fired up about the team’s abilities—the Bears will continue to be an absolute laughing stock.

Now it’s only a matter of how many more years it will take the front office to evaluate players based on character rather than talent.  How many more lackluster draft picks will it take before they realize there are more important things in the NFL than combine results and film studies?  My best guess is you won’t see the Bears win more than 8 games any time before 2020. Keep dreaming Chicago.


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