Day: September 22, 2016

Ohio State Co-Defensive Coordinator Greg Schiano Hits Cyclist With Car

Schiano hit a cyclist with his car around 7am near the Ohio State practice facility. Schiano the current Co-D coordinator for OSU and former Rutgers Head Coach is famous for his miracle run with Ray Rice and the “Just Keep Choppin” motto. What a football guy move hitting a biker with his car. I absolutely love it. Cyclists are easily the most annoying thing on Earth and I can guarantee that everyone out there that has ever driven a car has had the thought of wanting to hit a biker while driving. While it pains me to like a...

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Casting the Crippler: Who Should Star in the Tragic Tale of Chris Benoit?

In June, 2007 the rather niche community of professional wrestling stole the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons. This was due to the double murder suicide committed by one of wrestling’s most beloved Superstars, Chris Benoit. The Rabid Wolverine’s story fits the mold of a Shakespearean tragedy like a glove but is rarely brought up. This is mainly due to the WWE’s efforts to extinguish the memory of the man that brought so much unwanted attention to the company. True wrestling fans see this treatment as unfair to Benoit and the unforgivable acts he committed were a bi-product...

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B-Frank and B-Fox's College Sports Podcast September 22

After the one week hiatus due to technical difficulties, your two favorite Brian’s are back! The guys review games from a huge Week 3 and look forward to the “Prove It” games in Week 4. As always share with your friends and family, leave us feedback to help make the show better! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSShare this:PrintTweetEmailLike this:Like...

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An Ode to James Shields

This Fucking Guy! James “Big Game James” Shields is without a doubt the worst employee at their job today, the only challengers being Robin Ventura, Jerry Reinsdorf, Kenny Williams and Avi Garcia. Maybe Dioner Navarro. And possibly Jimmy Rollins in April and May. Oh and Matt Albers. The 2016 White Sox everybody! No but seriously, James Shields is so incredibly bad at his job. He is like a lifeguard with a small xanax addiction. He would be like an intern who spills coffee all over the CEO’s tie and then follows it up by releasing classified company information on...

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Ducks Fly Together, Literally

Oregon football has done it again and come out with an insane idea for uniforms prior to this week’s game against Colorado. The Ducks will dress like Ducks! Now let me clarify my stance here. The concept is absurd, but the execution is fucking flawless. I spoke earlier this week about Miami’s new-old school uniforms, these Oregon jerseys are definitely up there with some of my favorites. I am a firm believer in look good feel good, feel good do good and with these Oregon should dominate. They are clean, they have a great mix of colors and they...

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