Ducks Fly Together, Literally

Oregon football has done it again and come out with an insane idea for uniforms prior to this week’s game against Colorado. The Ducks will dress like Ducks! Now let me clarify my stance here. The concept is absurd, but the execution is fucking flawless. I spoke earlier this week about Miami’s new-old school uniforms, these Oregon jerseys are definitely up there with some of my favorites. I am a firm believer in look good feel good, feel good do good and with these Oregon should dominate. They are clean, they have a great mix of colors and they actually look like a damn duck! Unreal execution from Nike, a company we’ve become accustomed to going big and going home with new ultra-flashy Oregon jerseys. And of course, Phil Knight is testing out “new material” for the jerseys that have made them 4 ounces lighter, because that’s really going to make a difference…but hey, at least these aren’t the neon or chrome monstrosities we’ve been used to seeing Oregon and Nike parade out onto the field.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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