Ohio State Co-Defensive Coordinator Greg Schiano Hits Cyclist With Car

Schiano hit a cyclist with his car around 7am near the Ohio State practice facility. Schiano the current Co-D coordinator for OSU and former Rutgers Head Coach is famous for his miracle run with Ray Rice and the “Just Keep Choppin” motto. What a football guy move hitting a biker with his car. I absolutely love it. Cyclists are easily the most annoying thing on Earth and I can guarantee that everyone out there that has ever driven a car has had the thought of wanting to hit a biker while driving. While it pains me to like a man that has ever associated himself with Rutgers, there is no denying how great Schiano is. The motto “Just Keep Choppin” is phenomenal. He stated that this motto applies to life, “you get fired, you keep chopping, you get a new job”. The guy gets it. Forget about fixing the reason you got fired, just go get a new job. Spoken like a man who has been fired a time or two. As far as the cyclist goes, fortunately he is okay after being treated for a minor head injury.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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