Ian Bunting's Music is Awesome

Ian Bunting makes good music

I’ve tweeted this before and I just felt I needed to get a good full blog in about it. I love Ian Bunting’s music.


I remember driving home from prom senior year and stumbling upon “Adios” and the LT Weirdo inside of me thought “this is gold” (Side Note, I showed everyone Adios. This is my claim to fame, I will die on this hill). I was just waiting to hear this awful, low production frat rap spewing from what I presumed at the time was the devil, a Hinsdale Central athlete. And then I listened and realized, my god, this song slaps! And everyone agreed. Seriously, I think Bunting had the hit single of the summer, I heard that song at literally every party, and people were always singing along, to the point where I think “I love you baby you know that I do” was pretty much the LT Class of ‘14’s “Sweet Caroline”. Ian Bunting totally nailed that song, and pretty much crushed my entire world viewpoint that Bunting had to be a family member of the devil since he simply attended a High School like 2 miles from my house with kids that lived about .5 miles from my house. And then he went off the grid for 2 years.

And then boom!!!!!!!!!!! Another smashing hit. Seriously, Be Back is my favorite song of the summer, a summer where Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott and Isaiah Rashad all dropped 10/10 albums. Be Back is awesome. I fucking love this song, I’m listening to it as a write this blog. The music video is also gold. It just has an awesome vibe throughout. This song rules. So from Senior Year Charlie Wooding to Ian Bunting, I’m sorry, you are the man. Keep making dope music.

P.S: You are a big fat liar if you don’t have that rap at the end of Adios memorized.


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