The Real Reason Hillary Has Been Struggling in the Polls

I am, of course, referring to the inconsistent allegiances that Hillary Clinton and running-mate Tim Kaine have to their ‘favorite’ sports teams. Unfamiliar with the Democratic ticket’s fandom? Well then, let me explain.

Hillary Rodham was born in Chicago and grew up in Park Ridge, a Northwest Suburb of the city. Raised in a family of Cubs fans, she seemed to have shed her allegiance during her campaign for Senate in the state of New York in favor of the Yankees. Candidates flip-flopping on issues has become common practice nowadays. While I typically do not have a problem with politicians changing viewpoints as they gather more information and think long and hard about issues (like Hillary herself on gay marriage), Hillary told Katie Couric in 1999 that she has always rooted for the Yankees. Claiming that in the very state in which she was seeking senatorial election is pandering to the highest degree.

As an aside, it appears as though Carly Fiorina attended the Hillary Clinton school of pandering, firing off a now infamous tweet before this year’s Rose Bowl.

The Real Reason Hillary Has Been Struggling in the Polls 1

The game pitted Fiorina’s alma mater, Stanford University, against the Iowa Hawkeyes. As we all know, Iowa is the first state in the election cycle to caucus. It does not get more blatant than this, folks. If Hillary and Carly were bears, they would be pander bears. Simple as that.

Tim Kaine, on the other hand, is just flat out confused. The Virginia governor is from Overland Park, Kansas and was raised by parents who attended Kansas State. He bills himself as a fan of Kansas basketball, but does not root for their (particularly awful) football team. How convenient! That alone should raise a few eyebrows, along with the “house divided” dynamic. However, the kicker here is that he graduated from the University of Missouri.

Though the Kansas-Missouri ‘Border War’ rivalry may not be as well known nationally as Ohio State-Michigan or Oklahoma and Texas’ Red River Rivalry, there is a no love lost between the two schools. My aunt and uncle live in Lawrence (home of KU), and on one of my first visits I was gifted a t-shirt that read ‘Muck Fizzou’. Kaine being raised by Kansas State Wildcats along with his time as a Missouri Tiger should have resulted in utter scorn for KU. But alas, this is not the case.

Candidates having their hands on the pulse of the nation plays a large part in their electability come polling time, and saying whatever one can in order to be elected is something that is frowned upon. I would wager that there is a much larger portion of passionate sports fans in this great nation of ours than people following politics closely. These sports fans are well aware that you can know most everything you need to know about an individual if they are a fair-weather or bandwagon supporter.

Carly Fiorina was ridiculed for her tweet that threw her not-so beloved Stanford Cardinal under the bus, and it is no surprise that Ted Cruz fell out of favor with Republicans shortly after his ‘basketball ring’ stunt in the hoops-crazed state of Indiana. Candidates lacking basic sports acumen has proved costly this election cycle, and the Democrats are fighting an uphill battle in this department.

As Hillary would say: once a Cubs fan, always a Cubs fan…unless it becomes convenient for you to claim you have pulled for the Yankees your whole life when seeking a senate seat in the State of New York. Unfortunately, the Democratic party will be Kaine and unable to rely on my vote come November.



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    […] I give too much weight in my disdain of Hillary because she threw her hometown Cubs under the bus or attribute my hatred of Trump to the fact that he tried to pick a fight with the Ricketts […]

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