Day: September 26, 2016

Why You Should Start Watching English Premier League Football

When I was asked to write for Let Me B-Frank I was asked to start some blog posts about football. It took me a long time to come up with what I wanted my first blog to be about. I decided that it would be best if I started with a piece highlighting reasons I think every American can get into this beautiful game. Now there are many pro leagues in the world and they all, for the most part, play high level football, but the one I find the easiest for a fan, old or new, to get into...

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What's Wrong with the Chicago Bears?

“Our plan will start being put into place to get the Chicago Bears back to the sustained success this city deserves.” If what Ryan Pace meant by sustained success was back-to-back winless Septembers, he sure hit the hammer on the nail. To be fair, I think everyone and their mother had the 2015 Bears pegged at 0-3 right out of the gates last year. Hell would freeze over before that team beat either Green Bay, Arizona, or Seattle at that particular moment in time. The John Fox ship was just about to set sail, there were new faces everywhere...

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Yahoo! Should Call It Quits

In arguably the largest gaffe I have ever seen by an internet company, Yahoo! needs to close business for good. Quickly following their massive email hacking of 500 million accounts, the worst ever, the company topped itself with this Fantasy Baseball update. Do less, Yahoo. Do less. — Jim G (@jgeant) September 25, 2016 Literally hours after the tragic and devastating news that Marlins Pitcher Jose Fernandez had died, this update was released. There is no coming back from this. Yahoo! is #done. Get them outta here. How in the hell do you let something like this happen?...

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Chicago Bears Week 3 Reaction

How bout them Bears! Prepare for a long season Bears fans. The injured Bears limped into Dallas and were lucky to lose by only 14 points. Is this season already over? That is a reasonable assumption; however, it is still September and anything can happen in the “merry old land” of the NFL. Here are my takeaways from the Bears second primetime disaster. No Depth in the Defense. About half of the starters on the Bears defense were injured going into the game last night. This is the NFL, guys are going to get hurt and it is up...

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World Cup of Hockey Final Series Preview

Tomorrow marks the first game of the Final series of the 2016 World Cup of Hockey. Powerhouse Team Canada, behind playing in front of a Toronto and pro-Canadian crowd, are going to go into this one the favorite. However, Team Europe made an incredibly unexpected journey. No, this team doesn’t encompass traditional powers across the pond such as Finland, Sweden, etc. Finland didn’t make it out of the group stage, and Sweden was thwarted an opportunity, losing in a thrilling overtime to this European team. This is a team starting Jaroslav Halak, a netminder since entering the NHL during...

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