Chicago Bears Week 3 Reaction

How bout them Bears! Prepare for a long season Bears fans. The injured Bears limped into Dallas and were lucky to lose by only 14 points. Is this season already over? That is a reasonable assumption; however, it is still September and anything can happen in the “merry old land” of the NFL. Here are my takeaways from the Bears second primetime disaster.

No Depth in the Defense. About half of the starters on the Bears defense were injured going into the game last night. This is the NFL, guys are going to get hurt and it is up to the coaching staff and GM to find suitable backups. However, Pace and Fox did not seem to consider that injuries could happen, which left for a weak second and third string roster. My analogy to their method is picture you are driving a car and you have a flat tire. Now most people will have a spare tire that is good to go and is easily replaced. However, Fox and Pace’s car has a replacement tire that is extremely flat and will not get you to where you need to go… I am not saying the Cowboys have a bad offense by any means, but if the Bears had better depth in their defense, then MAYBE they only lose this game by 7.

Pro Bowl Tight End. Remember how all my readers/friends laughed at me for saying Zach Miller is an elite TE? WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?!?!?! Zach Miller had an elite performance last night as backup QB Brian Hoyer connected with him 8 times for 78 yards and 2 TDs. Amazing what happens when you throw the ball to him… Cutler needs to take note and realize that he has a pro bowler running routes for him. If the Bears management has done anything right, it has been getting rid of Martellus Bennett and sticking with the best talent in the locker room with Zach Miller. Keep throwing the ball his way!

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Jordan Howard might be the Future. Howard had a few explosive runs last night and looked to protect the ball extremely well. I still think that Langford is the better RB right now, but he better improve his game because Jordan Howard is going to be a really solid player in this league. The Bears stole him in the draft this year and I am excited to see what Howard is going to do in his career.

Hoyer and Company Looked OK. It is hard to be a backup quarterback in the NFL and run an offense that is designed for a completely different player. Brian Hoyer actually looked decent last night with 317 yards and 2 TDs (both to Zach Miller!). Cutler obviously is still the starter when healthy, but Hoyer was very smart with the ball and only had one fluky type fumble. I was also happy to see Kevin White make a few catches, including an unbelievable catch in the 4th quarter. However, the Bears better resign Alshon Jeffery this offseason as he truly is an elite receiver, even when playing injured, and White is not ready to become a number one target. The Bears offense could have been much more effective in the first half. I don’t know why the offense only plays one half well this season. If they have any chance at winning a game, they must play TWO halves!

It could be a long year for us Bears fans, but you cannot quit on them. No one likes a bandwagoner, so if you are a true Bears fan, you will stick with them even when they are Cleveland Brown caliber bad. As stated in a previous post, if you are like me- a Bears, Iowa Hawkeyes, White Sox, USA/ Ireland soccer, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Bulls, and CM Punk fan, just be patient because Blackhawks hockey is right around the corner.

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