Day: September 27, 2016

Win or Lose, We Still Booze: Notre Dame – Syracuse Drinking Game

So now that Notre Dame’s season is effectively over after just four short weeks of “football,” I’m faced with a bit of a predicament.  At this point, the Irish are in a full tailspin with no sign of a turnaround anytime soon (Thanks, Obama).  I’m a devoted Notre Dame fan and I’m going to watch the rest of the games for some inexplicable masochistic reason, but I would prefer to be drunk and happy during the game rather than drunk and swearing at my TV in between fits of sobbing into a basket of hot wings.  Being drunk is...

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Athlete of The Month: Riley Frisbie

One of our writers, John Hayes, came up with the idea to highlight a local athlete monthly to build interest and viewership in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. When he pitched the idea, I knew immediately that we needed to see if Riley Frisbie was interested. For those of you who don’t know her or are unaware of her athletic career, continue to read on! But seriously, she is a few years younger than I am and went to my elementary school (s/o St. Cletus) so I have been able to follow her athletic career and it has been...

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Week 3 Recap and Waiver Wire Scoops

Happy Tuesday comrades. Sweet baby Jesus blessed us with another excellent week of NFL football. There were not nearly as many injuries in week 3, which means that there will not be too many “must adds”. However, there are still several key players you should be considering on your waiver wire. I’m not naming names, but one of them just so happens to be a Chicago Bear whose last name rhymes with “killer”. Watch the video below or you’re not a good person. The content: Items of Note from Week 2 RB Waiver Wire Scoops WR Waiver Wire Scoops...

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B-Frank's Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

Biggest Jump: Los Angeles is up 10 spots after their win against Tampa Bay. Biggest Fall: NY Jets dropped 9 spots after their loss to Kansas City. 1. New England 3-0 Last Week: 1 No brainer, really don’t have to write much. Still undefeated and ripped apart JJ Watt and his defense with a 3rd string QB. Pats play the upstart Bills at home. 2. Denver 3-0 Last Week: 3 Well well well, looks like Trevor Siemian can throw the ball a bit! He played a hell of a game against a good (possibly overrated?) Bengals defense. The defense continues to...

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Fox's Top Ten: Turns out Michigan State Isn't Good After All

As the dust settled on Week 4 in college football, most top teams emerged unscathed. Michigan State did not, though in hindsight it’s clear that the Spartans are not a very good team at all. After wins over Furman and a Charlie Weis-era Notre Dame team, the Spartans got hammered at home by Wisconsin. In other college football news, Notre Dame DC Brian VanGorder got the axe (about time) as did LSU head coach Les Miles (who might have been one of the greatest of all time if the forward pass didn’t exist). Let’s check out this week’s Top...

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