Pray For Our Democracy

I do not hate Hillary because she is a woman, and I do not hate Donald Trump because he is a bigot. I hate them because it is my belief that they are both egotistical maniacs that do not have the best interests of the American people in mind. Last night only reaffirmed my discontent for both candidates. I cannot imagine that many people were happy with what may well have been the most-watched presidential debate in history. I write this as #TrumpWon trends nationally on twitter and online activists on both sides of the aisle fling crap at each other. So, how did we get to this point? Are a reality TV star and an FBI ‘investigatee’, both with less-than ideal histories (to put it lightly), the best we can come up with?

The answer is no, and the explanation is quite simple. I heard it during college orientation three years ago, and this election cycle has done nothing but strengthen this view. No longer are our nation’s best and brightest devoting their lives to public service in the political arena. Brilliant minds are pursuing careers in medicine, business, military service, and the like. The world laughs as a political circus plays out in the greatest nation on earth, and many refuse to believe that Trump or Hillary are poised to become the leader of the free world this coming January.

For Christ’s sake, the Democratic party does not believe that their voters are smart enough to choose a candidate, and the Republican party was hijacked by a schoolyard bully. Most rational humans would never involve themselves in such a messy system, which is exactly why the American citizenry is seemingly stuck with choosing between the lesser of two evils. You’ve heard it before: the lesser of two evils is still evil. It makes little sense that in a country in which more voters than ever before consider themselves moderates are presented with two increasingly polarized candidates. If nothing else, the past year or so has fueled the need for a legitimate alternate viewpoint, and I hope it results in the rise of a third party.

Both Clinton and Trump have encountered their fair share of scandals, and rightly so. The democratic vetting process alone should have disqualified either from running, but here we are. Whether trading speaking fees for international favors or taking advantage of bankruptcy/tax laws for personal gain, each candidate has more skeletons in the closet than I am comfortable with. Humans are not rational beings, and the sooner we realize this the sooner we can prevent ourselves from making such a disastrous mistake again.

Do I give too much weight in my disdain of Hillary because she threw her hometown Cubs under the bus or attribute my hatred of Trump to the fact that he tried to pick a fight with the Ricketts family? Probably, but these are trivial reasons in the grand scheme of the atrocities that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have committed throughout their lives. Despite many urges to not “throw away” my vote, I will be voting for Gary Johnson come November. A wasted vote is a vote for a candidate that you do not believe in. He is who I believe has the interests of the people of the United States in mind.

That is my opinion, and I encourage you to share yours. Pray for our democracy, we sure need all the help we can get.



I'm not a pessimist, I'm an optometrist.

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