Lions and Millers and Bears, Oh My! Chicago Bears Week 4 Prediction

Sunday, Bloody Sunday! The 0-3 Chicago Bears host the 1-2 Detroit Lions Sunday at noon, HOW EXCITING! A majority of Chicago Bears fans are already thinking about next year’s NFL draft. Many Chicagoans have turned their attention to the soon Cubs playoff run, but for us White Sox fans, we can only think of one good thing- an ice cold Miller Lite. Instead of writing a blog post about why the Bears are a joke and will lose this game, I am going to be positive and ignore what brain and the rest of the world have to say and give my keys to success for the Bears.

Jordan Howard: With Jeremy Langford out for a few weeks and Ka’deem Carey most likely missing Sunday, the Bears will put their faith in rookie RB Jordan Howard. For my past two blogs, I have given this young player a lot of praise. Last year in college, I saw what this man did to my Iowa Hawkeyes and thought to myself “Wow! This guy is going to be great in the NFL”. I was extremely excited when the Bears drafted him. All this being said, Howard still has ways to go before being the true number one running back on the Bears roster. I predict that he has a solid performance this Sunday and will give Bears fans a slim piece of hope for the future.

Defensive Players Playing for Something to Prove: If you watched last Sunday night’s match-up between the Cowboys and Bears, it was easy to identify a HORRIBLE looking defense. The major reason for this was because a majority of the starters were injured. I know what you are saying: “excuses, excuses”, and trust me I am not making any excuses. Last post, I mentioned that the embarrassing performance was because the Bears management failed to bring in depth in the defense. If the Bears have any shot at winning this Sunday, these “no-name” players need to make things happen and rally around the few regular starters playing.

Offensive Line: Gosh do I sound like a broken record or what? The offensive line had really great protection last week; however the Cowboys pass attack is nonexistent. That being said, the line still had to protect backup Hoyer and hopefully can repeat their decent performance against a decent Detroit D.

Smart QB: Still no word who the starting quarterback will be on Sunday. Cutler’s thumb appears to still be bothering him and he is listed as questionable. Hoyer may need to fill in as the starter once again. Whoever the starting quarterback is needs to play smart and protect the ball. With having a banged up defense, the Bears need to not help Matthew Stafford by turning the ball over and giving him good field position. This man has torched us in the past with a healthy defense and it is important that the offense remains patient with the ball. Having said that, I hope that the starting QB can find his best target, Alshon Jeffery. Jeffery limped most of Sunday night and is listed as questionable for the upcoming game, but I will gladly take an injured Alshon vs no Alshon. The man can seriously catch anything in his direction, throw the ball and watch him make moves! Also, not even joking, Zach Miller looked dominant in Dallas. Hopefully he can continue to make key catches. If he can continue to be targeted this much, he may go down as the best current TE in the NFL.

Game Prediction: Lions 21 Bears 24: Again, I could be Mr. Negative and say “we don’t stand a chance, our D sucks and there are way too many injuries.” But, where is the fun in that? I predict this as just being a weird game overall. It is still early in the season and anyone can beat anyone on any given Sunday, and let’s hope the Bears can play against Bad Matthew Stafford. There is Good Stafford and Bad Stafford, and hopefully he stoops down to the bad defense’s level and has a bad game. I predict Jordan Howard has a really nice game, rushing for a TD and 50 yards. There will be two passing TDs, one to Jeffery and the other to, you guessed it, ZACH MILLER!!!!!!

Miller count: 3. Disappointing number, I know! I unfortunately have a bad cold and do not know if more than 3 would be alright. Unlike Hillary Clinton, I at least show up for my job even when sick and give SOME effort! Sheesh! Speaking of the election, the good news is whoever gets elected will always make escaping the everyday world to house a few Millers acceptable. I would say “Make Miller Lite Great Again”, but it already is GREAT!

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