Theo Epstein Receives Five Year Extension

Here’s the Cubs official statement regarding the Theo Epstein extension:

“In the five years under Theo’s leadership, he has brought in a strong executive team and acquired and developed some of the best players in the game.  Now, the results are on the field.  My family and I have no doubt that we have moved closer to our goal of delivering Cubs fans the World Series Championship they deserve,” Ricketts said, adding that the contract “ensures the baseball operations team assembled by Epstein will continue its remarkable tenure of building a consistent championship contender.”

“Both on the baseball and business sides, I believe we have the best leadership in the league and we are well positioned for sustained success,”

Live look in at Cubs fans right now


To announce this on the same day the White Sox basically announce that they’re planning on bringing back Ventura is just cruel…but I love it!!!

This is what Theo Epstein had to say back in 2011 when the Cubs first introduced him as president:

“When I got to Boston they hadn’t won in 86 years. We didn’t run from that challenge. We embraced it,” Epstein said. “We decided the way to attack it was to build the best baseball operation that we could, to try to establish a winning culture, to work as hard as possible and to bring in players who care more about each other and more about winning than the people around them thought or the external expectations, the external mindset. That’s something that is going to be important to us here as well.

And here we are five years later on the brink of the most exciting sports month of every single one of our lives. This is the man that traded Andrew Cashner and delivered us our MVP caliber first baseman. This is the man who traded Scott Feldman and Steve Clevenger and delivered us a Cy Young winner. This is the man that replaced Rick Renteria with the best manager in baseball. This is the man that drafted Kris Bryant, and the man that robbed the Oakland Athletics of Addison Russell. And this is the man that we are going to put on our shoulders and carry through the streets of Wrigleyville a month from now.

Listen, I know you’re just like me. I know that you have completely invested every single emotional feeling you have into this team. It’s gonna happen, I know it is, and it wouldn’t have been remotely possible without this man. Without Theo we might still be starting Micah Hoffpauir at first base or Joe Mather at third. He’s the hero we deserve, and he’s the one we need. Stop and thank the big man upstairs whenever you get a chance for putting Theo Epstein in your life, because we truly are a blessed group of individuals.



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