Tennessee Escapes Athens With A Miraculous Win

In arguably the craziest final 20 seconds of a football game I have seen ever, Tennessee escapes with a win at Georgia. With under 20 seconds left, Georgia commits a false start with the clock ticking, which typically causes a 10 second run-off. Georgia had to use their final time out to save the time. The ensuing play, Jacob Eason makes magic happen.

Unreal. What a throw and what a route run. They hit the PAT and make it a three point game. Game over right? Not so fast. There was an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the TD that forced the kickoff back 15 yards. Tennessee had a big return to the Bulldogs’ 43. With 4 seconds left, Joshua Dobbs let it fly and this happened.

Absolute mayhem. What a finish in Athens. Tennessee sure as hell hasn’t been good this year, but they continue to prove that you just need to be good enough to win.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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